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New Hello World! post for 2.9, revision 5, with thanks to strider72

  • wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php

    162162                                                                'post_author' => $user_id,
    163163                                                                'post_date' => $now,
    164164                                                                'post_date_gmt' => $now_gmt,
    165                                                                 'post_content' => __('Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!'),
     165                                                                'post_content' => sprintf(__('
     166<p>Welcome to WordPress!  This post contains important information.  After you read it, you can make it private to hide it from visitors but still have the information handy for future reference.</p>
     167<p>First things first:</p>
     169<li><a href="" title="Subscribe to the WordPress mailing list for Release Notifications">Subscribe to the WordPress mailing list for release notifications</a></li>
     171<p>As a subscriber, you will receive an email every time an update is available.  This will make it easier to keep your site up to date, and secure from evildoers.  When a new version is released, log in to the Dashboard and follow the instructions.  Upgrading takes only a couple of clicks!</p>
     172<p>Then you can start enjoying the WordPress experience:</p>
     174<li>Edit  your personal information at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/profile.php" title="TODO">Users &#8250; Your Profile</a></li>
     175<li>Start publishing at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/post-new.php" title="TODO">Posts &#8250; Add New</a> and at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/post-new.php" title="TODO">Pages &#8250; Add New</a></li>
     176<li>Browse and install plugins at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/plugin-install.php" title="TODO">Plugins &#8250; Add New</a></li>
     177<li>Browse and install themes at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/theme-install.php" title="TODO">Appearance &#8250; Add New Themes</a></li>
     178<li>Modify and prettify your website&#8217;s links at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/options-permalink.php" title="TODO">Settings  &#8250;  Permalinks</a></li>
     179<li>Import content from another system or WordPress site at <a href="%1$s/wp-admin/import.php" title="TODO">Tools &#8250; Import</a></li>
     180<li>Find answers to your questions at the <a href="" title="The official WordPress documentation, maintained by the WordPress community">WordPress Codex</a></li>
     182<p>Thank you for selecting WordPress.  We wish you happy publishing!</p>
     183<p>PS.  Not yet subscribed for update notifications?  <a href="" title="Subscribe to the WordPress mailing list for Release Notifications">Do it now!</a></p>
     184                                                                '), get_bloginfo('wpurl')),
    166185                                                                'post_excerpt' => '',
    167                                                                 'post_title' => __('Hello world!'),
     186                                                                'post_title' => __('Welcome!'),
    168187                                                                /* translators: Default post slug */
    169                                                                 'post_name' => _x('hello-world', 'Default post slug'),
     188                                                                'post_name' => _x('welcome', 'Default post slug'),
    170189                                                                'post_modified' => $now,
    171190                                                                'post_modified_gmt' => $now_gmt,
    172191                                                                'guid' => $first_post_guid,