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Other content for Welcome Screen. Part of this is modified from changeset [12212] (since reverted)

1a. Welcome to WordPress!  This box contains important information.  After you read it, you can hide it, but find it in Screen Options for future reference.
3b. Start enjoying the WordPress experience:
5c. This screen is the Dashboard. You can use the ubiquitious Navigation Menu on the left and the Admin Bar at the top to navigate among the administration screens of your interface
7d. Modify Settings for a new site, especially General, Reading, and Permalinks;  Edit your personal information at Users > Your Profile
9e. Start publishing at Posts > Add New and Pages > Add New. You can add media to posts/pages and categories and tags to posts
11f. Browse and install plugins to extend and expand what you can do with WordPress. Go to Plugins > Add New to select from over 15,000 in the repository. Don’t worry; a few go a long way and there are plenty of ways to find just the one you need.
13g. Browse and install themes to change the look and presentation of your site to people who view it. Go to Appearance > Add New Themes
15h. Import content from another system/blogging platform or another WordPress site at Tools > Import
17i. For a more advanced setup, you can set up a multisite network of multiple sites/blogs and many users.
19j. For help, use Contextual Help Tabs on each screen, the Codex, or the Support Forums.
21k. Be aware of the GPL License, ways you can contribute your efforts, and the large WordPress community of Wordcamps and Meetups
23l. Make sure you update your site when a new version is released. A box will appear alerting you of a new release; just click the link or Updates in your Admin Bar. Also, update Themes and Plugins regularly. Updating keeps you secure and using the latest, greatest features.
25m. [Button to hide this box] To re-open this box for reference, go to Screen Options
27Thank you for selecting WordPress.  We wish you happy publishing!