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Ticket #11850: 11850.diff

File 11850.diff, 786 bytes (added by scribu, 12 years ago)

replace repetitive expression

  • wp-admin/plugins.php

    250250                                        $plugins_to_delete = count( $plugin_info );
    251251                                        echo '<h2>' . _n( 'Delete Plugin', 'Delete Plugins', $plugins_to_delete ) . '</h2>';
    252252                                ?>
    253                                 <p><?php echo _n( 'Deleting the selected plugin will remove the following plugin and its files:', 'Deleting the selected plugins will remove the following plugins and their files:', $plugins_to_delete ); ?></p>
     253                                <p><?php echo _n( 'You are about to remove the following plugin:', 'You are about to remove the following plugins:', $plugins_to_delete ); ?></p>
    254254                                        <ul class="ul-disc">
    255255                                                <?php
    256256                                                $data_to_delete = false;