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Ticket #12916: 12916.diff

File 12916.diff, 771 bytes (added by ocean90, 8 years ago)
  • wp-admin/themes.php

    257257<?php } // end foreach $table ?>
    259259<?php } else { ?>
    260 <p><?php _e('You only have one theme installed at the moment so there is nothing to show you here.  Maybe you should download some more to try out.'); ?></p>
     260<p><?php printf( __('You only have one theme installed right now. Live a little! You can choose from over 1,000 free themes in the WordPress.org theme repository at any time: just click on the <em><a href="%s">Install Themes</a></em> tab above.'), admin_url( 'theme-install.php') ); ?></p>
    261261<?php } // end if $theme_total?>
    262262<br class="clear" />