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Ticket #13103: install.php.patch

File install.php.patch, 1.2 KB (added by barrykooij, 19 months ago)


  • wp-admin/install.php

    175175<h1><?php _ex( 'Welcome', 'Howdy' ); ?></h1> 
    176176<p><?php printf( __( 'Welcome to the famous five minute WordPress installation process! You may want to browse the <a href="%s">ReadMe documentation</a> at your leisure. Otherwise, just fill in the information below and you&#8217;ll be on your way to using the most extendable and powerful personal publishing platform in the world.' ), '../readme.html' ); ?></p> 
     179        // Check if the in wp-config set encoding is supported by the database 
     180        $encoding_issue = false; 
     181        $wpdb->query("SHOW CHARACTER SET WHERE `Charset` = '".DB_CHARSET."';"); 
     182        if($wpdb->num_rows==0) { 
     183                echo "<h1>".__( 'Database collation issue' )."</h1>\n"; 
     184                echo "<p>".sprintf( __('The charset <i>%s</i> set in wp-config.php, is not available in your database.'), DB_CHARSET )."</p>\n"; 
     185                break; 
     186        } 
    178189<h1><?php _e( 'Information needed' ); ?></h1> 
    179190<p><?php _e( 'Please provide the following information. Don&#8217;t worry, you can always change these settings later.' ); ?></p>