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Ticket #14783: 16695.close-bold-tag.diff

File 16695.close-bold-tag.diff, 712 bytes (added by itsananderson, 11 years ago)

Make opening bold tag a closing bold tag

  • theme.php

    166166 * The description will have the tags filtered with the following HTML elements
    167167 * whitelisted. The <b>'a'</b> element with the <em>href</em> and <em>title</em>
    168168 * attributes. The <b>abbr</b> element with the <em>title</em> attribute. The
    169  * <b>acronym<b> element with the <em>title</em> attribute allowed. The
     169 * <b>acronym</b> element with the <em>title</em> attribute allowed. The
    170170 * <b>code</b>, <b>em</b>, and <b>strong</b> elements also allowed.
    171171 *
    172172 * The style.css file must contain theme name, theme URI, and description. The