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Ticket #16282: 16282.2.patch

File 16282.2.patch, 712 bytes (added by scribu, 9 years ago)

Clarify first parameter of get_term_link()

  • wp-includes/taxonomy.php

    28132813 * @uses apply_filters() For the post_tag Taxonomy, Calls 'tag_link' with tag link and tag ID as parameters.
    28142814 * @uses apply_filters() For the category Taxonomy, Calls 'category_link' filter on category link and category ID.
    28152815 *
    2816  * @param object|int|string $term
     2816 * @param object|int|string $term Term object, term_id or slug
    28172817 * @param string $taxonomy (optional if $term is object)
    28182818 * @return string|WP_Error HTML link to taxonomy term archive on success, WP_Error if term does not exist.
    28192819 */