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Ticket #16518: includes-media_multi-file-upload.diff

File includes-media_multi-file-upload.diff, 820 bytes (added by mikeschinkel, 10 years ago)

Added note about uploading multiple files

  • media.php

    15681568        <span><input id="cancel-upload" disabled="disabled" onclick="cancelUpload()" type="button" value="<?php esc_attr_e('Cancel Upload'); ?>" class="button" /></span>
    15691569        </div>
    15701570        <p class="media-upload-size"><?php printf( __( 'Maximum upload file size: %d%s' ), $upload_size_unit, $sizes[$u] ); ?></p>
     1571        <p class="multi-file-upload"><?php _e('<strong>Note:</strong> You can select multiple images to upload by holding down the <kbd>CTRL</kbd> key on Windows or <kbd>CMD</kbd> on a Mac.'); ?></p>
    15711572<?php do_action('post-flash-upload-ui'); ?>
    15721573        <p class="howto"><?php _e('After a file has been uploaded, you can add titles and descriptions.'); ?></p>