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Ticket #17295: 17295.patch

File 17295.patch, 848 bytes (added by ocean90, 7 years ago)
  • wp-admin/widgets.php

    357357        <div id="available-widgets" class="widgets-holder-wrap">
    358358                <div class="sidebar-name">
    359359                <div class="sidebar-name-arrow"><br /></div>
    360                 <h3><?php _e('Available Widgets'); ?> <span id="removing-widget"><?php _e('Deactivate'); ?> <span></span></span></h3></div>
     360                <h3><?php _e('Available Widgets'); ?> <span id="removing-widget"><?php _ex('Deactivate', 'removing-widget'); ?> <span></span></span></h3></div>
    361361                <div class="widget-holder">
    362362                <p class="description"><?php _e('Drag widgets from here to a sidebar on the right to activate them. Drag widgets back here to deactivate them and delete their settings.'); ?></p>
    363363                <div id="widget-list">