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Ticket #18976: 18976.patch

File 18976.patch, 925 bytes (added by SergeyBiryukov, 7 years ago)
  • wp-admin/import.php

    3333                'movabletype' => array( __('Movable Type and TypePad'), __('Install the Movable Type importer to import posts and comments from a Movable Type or TypePad blog.'), 'install', 'mt' ),
    3434                'opml' => array( __('Blogroll'), __('Install the blogroll importer to import links in OPML format.'), 'install' ),
    3535                'rss' => array( __('RSS'), __('Install the RSS importer to import posts from an RSS feed.'), 'install' ),
     36                'tumblr' => array( __('Tumblr'), __('Install the Tumblr importer to import posts from a Tumblr blog.'), 'install' ),
    3637                'wordpress' => array( 'WordPress', __('Install the WordPress importer to import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.'), 'install' )
    3738        );