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reworkings props Ipstenu

  • wp-admin/media-upload.php

    6767                '<p>' . __('You can upload media files here without creating a post first. This allows you to upload files to use with posts and pages later and/or to get a web link for a particular file that you can share. There are three options for uploading files:') . '</p>' .
    6868                '<ul>' .
    6969                        '<li>' . __('<strong>Drag and drop</strong> your files into the area below. Multiple files are allowed.') . '</li>' .
    70                         '<li>' . __('<strong>Select Files</strong> will open the multi-file uploader, or you can use the <strong>Browser Uploader</strong>.') . '</li>' .
    7170                        '<li>' . __('Clicking <strong>Select Files</strong> opens a navigation window showing you files in your operating system. Selecting <strong>Open</strong> after clicking on the file you want activates a progress bar on the uploader screen.') . '</li>' .
     71                        '<li>' . __('Revert to the <strong>Browser Uploader</strong> by clicking the link below the drag and drop box.') . '</li>' .
    7272                '</ul>' .
    7373                '<p>' . __('Basic image editing is available after upload is complete. Make sure you click Save before leaving this screen.') . '</p>'
    7474        ) );