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Ticket #19523: 19523.2.diff

File 19523.2.diff, 742 bytes (added by ajacommerce, 6 years ago)

Cleaned up text and corrected typo

1get_current_screen()->add_help_tab( array(
2        'id'      => 'converter',
3        'title'   => __('Categories and Tags Converter'),
4        'content' => '<p>' . __('Categories have hierarchy, meaning that you can nest sub-categories. Tags do not have hierarchy and cannot be nested. Sometimes people start out using one on their posts, then later realize that the other would work better for their content.' ) . '</p>' .
5        '<p>' . __( 'The Categories and Tags Converter link below will take you to the Import screen, where the Converter is one of the plugins you can install. Once installed and activated, return to this screen and the link will take you to the Import screen where you can choose to convert tags into categories or vice versa.' ) . '</p>',
6) );