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Text for about page

1<h3>Live Theme Previews</h3>
2<h4>Try on New Themes</h4>
3Gone are the days of rushing to update your header,
4background, and the like as soon as you activate a new
5theme. You can now customize these options <strong>before</strong> activating a new theme. Note: This feature is
6available for installed themes only.
7<h4>Customize Current Theme</h4>
8Satisfy your curiosity and try on a fresh coat of paint --- you
9can also use the live preview mode to customize your current
10theme. Look for the Customize button on the Themes screen.
12<h3>Custom Headers</h3>
13<h4>Flexible Sizes</h4>
14You can decide for yourself how tall or wide your custom header image should be. From now on, themes will provide a recommended image size for custom headers rather than a fixed requirement. Note: this feature requires <a href="link to codex?">theme support</a>.
15<h4>Choose from Media Library</h4>
16Tired of re-uploading the same custom header image every time you check out a new theme? Now you can choose header images from your media library for easier customization.
19<h3>Image Captions</h3>
20<h4>HTML Support</h4>
21Basic HTML support has been added to the caption field in the image uploader. This allows you to add links --- great for photo credits or licensing details --- and basic formatting such as bold and italicized text.