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add copy to help tab.

  • wp-admin/network/users.php

    235235                '<p>' . __('Hover over any user on the list to make the edit links appear. The Edit link on the left will take you to his or her Edit User profile page; the Edit link on the right by any site name goes to an Edit Site screen for that site.') . '</p>' .
    236236                '<p>' . __('You can also go to the user&#8217;s profile page by clicking on the individual username.') . '</p>' .
    237237                '<p>' . __('You can sort the table by clicking on any of the bold headings and switch between list and excerpt views by using the icons in the upper right.') . '</p>' .
     238                '<p>' . __('You can search for users by Name, Username, E-mail address, or user ID. At the network level, user searches are explicit by default, so use an asterisk wildcard (*) when searching for parts of a name or username. For example, a search of \'John*\' will return \'John Smith\', but \'John\' will not.') . '</p>' .
    238239                '<p>' . __('The bulk action will permanently delete selected users, or mark/unmark those selected as spam. Spam users will have posts removed and will be unable to sign up again with the same email addresses.') . '</p>' .
    239240                '<p>' . __('You can make an existing user an additional super admin by going to the Edit User profile page and checking the box to grant that privilege.') . '</p>'
    240241) );