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Deprecation phpdoc for wp_cache_reset().

  • wp-includes/cache.php

    223223 * Reset internal cache keys and structures. If the cache backend uses global blog or site IDs as part of its cache keys,
    224224 * this function instructs the backend to reset those keys and perform any cleanup since blog or site IDs have changed since cache init.
    225225 *
     226 * This function is deprecated. Use wp_cache_switch_to_blog() instead of this function when preparing the cache for a blog switch.
     227 * For clearing data from the default cache backend in unit tests, consider using wp_cache_flush() or overwriting $wp_object_cache.
     228 * Note that wp_cache_flush() does not work portably across all object cache backends. It should be used only in unit tests that target
     229 * the default cache or a known backend that supports flushing for both single and multisite configurations.
     230 *
    226231 * @since 2.6.0
    227232 * @deprecated 3.5.0
    228233 */