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Ticket #21486: 21486-fix-line-height-of-multiline-headers.diff

File 21486-fix-line-height-of-multiline-headers.diff, 461 bytes (added by chellycat, 12 years ago)

Increases the line-height for multi-line headers just a tad b/c it was looking a bit tight before. I'm aware that the line-heights were calculated following a formula, but multi-line headers were a bit squished. I don't feel that this fix breaks the vertical rhythm too much, but feel free to adjust if needed.

  • wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/style.css

    13721372        .entry-header .entry-title {
    13731373                font-size: 22px;
    13741374                font-size: 1.571428571rem;
    1375                 line-height: 1.090909091;
     1375                line-height: 1.29091;
    13761376        }
    13771377        #respond form input[type="text"] {
    13781378                width: 46.333333333%;