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    diff --git composer.json composer.json
    new file mode 100644
    index 0000000..135915b
    - +  
     2        "name": "wordpress/wordpress",
     3        "description": "WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.",
     4        "keywords": ["blog", "cms"],
     5        "homepage": "http://wordpress.org/",
     6        "license": "GPL-2.0+",
     7        "authors": [
     8                {
     9                        "name": "WordPress Community",
     10                        "homepage": "http://wordpress.org/about/"
     11                }
     12        ],
     13        "support": {
     14                "issues": "http://core.trac.wordpress.org/",
     15                "forum": "http://wordpress.org/support/",
     16                "wiki": "http://codex.wordpress.org/",
     17                "irc": "irc://irc.freenode.net/wordpress",
     18                "source": "http://core.trac.wordpress.org/browser"
     19        },
     20        "type": "project",
     21        "require": {
     22                "php": ">=5.2.4",
     23                "ext-mysql": "*"
     24        },
     25        "suggest": {
     26                "ext-curl": "Fastest HTTP requests, and proxy support; works best with ext-openssl.",
     27                "ext-dom": "Required for some oEmbeds.",
     28                "ext-exif": "Enables extraction of EXIF data from uploaded images into metadata.",
     29                "ext-gd": "Server-side image scaling and manipulation if ext-imagick is not available.",
     30                "ext-iconv": "Properly process external RSS feeds, and ID3 tags on native audio and video.",
     31                "ext-imagick": "Server-side image scaling and manipulation, provides all available image editing options.",
     32                "ext-json": "Most efficient JSON encoding/decoding (falls back on slower Services_JSON PEAR library if missing).",
     33                "ext-libxml": "Required for RSS feeds, some oEmbeds, and more effective content import and export.",
     34                "ext-mbstring": "Properly process content in languages requiring multibyte character encodings.",
     35                "ext-openssl": "Enables SSL certificate verification where requested, works best with ext-curl.",
     36                "ext-simplexml": "Required for some oEmbeds, and more effective content import and export.",
     37                "ext-ssh2": "Adds support for filesystem access over SSH, additional configuration required.",
     38                "ext-xml": "Required for RSS feeds, and more effective content import and export.",
     39                "ext-zlib": "Adds compression for scripts, styles, RSS feeds, and HTTP. Also used for installing plugins, themes, language packs, and upgrades."
     40        }
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