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  • src/wp-admin/about.php

    2020<h1><?php printf( __( 'Welcome to WordPress %s' ), $display_version ); ?></h1>
    22 <div class="about-text"><?php printf( __( 'Thank you for updating to the latest version. WordPress %s makes your writing experience even better.' ), $display_version ); ?></div>
     22<div class="about-text"><?php printf( __( "Thank you for updating to WordPress %s. You might not notice a thing &ndash; and we&#8217;re ok with that. " ), $display_version ); ?></div>
    2424<div class="wp-badge"><?php printf( __( 'Version %s' ), $display_version ); ?></div>
    3636<div class="changelog">
    37         <h3><?php _e( 'Colorful New Theme' ); ?></h3>
     37        <h3><?php _e( 'Automatic Updates' ); ?></h3>
    39         <div class="feature-section images-stagger-right">
    40                 <img alt="" src="<?php echo is_ssl() ? 'https://' : '//s.'; ?>wordpress.org/images/core/3.6/twentythirteen.png" class="image-66" />
    41                 <h4><?php _e( 'Introducing Twenty Thirteen' ); ?></h4>
    42                 <p><?php printf( __( "The new default theme puts focus on your content with a colorful, single-column design made for media-rich blogging." ) ); ?></p>
    43                 <p><?php _e( 'Inspired by modern art, Twenty Thirteen features quirky details, beautiful typography, and bold, high-contrast colors &mdash; all with a flexible layout that looks great on any device, big or small.' ); ?></p>
     39        <div class="feature-section col two-col">
     40                <div>
     41                        <h4><?php _e( 'Hands Free Assurance' ); ?></h4>
     42                        <p><?php _e( "When a bug fix or security release of WordPress comes out, you shouldn&#8217;t need to rush to apply it.  WordPress will now update itself for minor releases." ); ?></p>
     43                        <p><?php _e( "WordPress will download these updates over a secure connection and apply them. You&#8217;ll receive an email when that happens." ); ?></p>
     44                </div>
     45                <div class="last-feature">
     46                        <h4><?php _e( 'Language Packs' ); ?></h4>
     47                        <p><?php _e( 'The web is world wide and using WordPress should be easy no matter your language.  Now, WordPress will update the translations of your plugins, themes and WordPress itself independently and automatically' ); ?></p>
     48                </div>
    4449        </div>
    4752<div class="changelog">
    48         <h3><?php _e( 'Write with Confidence' ); ?></h3>
     53        <h3><?php _e( 'Subtle Simplifications' ); ?></h3>
    50         <div class="feature-section images-stagger-right">
    51                 <img alt="" src="<?php echo is_ssl() ? 'https://' : '//s.'; ?>wordpress.org/images/core/3.6/revisions.png" class="image-66" />
    52                 <h4><?php _e( 'Explore Revisions' ); ?></h4>
    53                 <p></p>
    54                 <p><?php _e( 'From the first word you write, WordPress saves every change. Each revision is always at your fingertips. Text is highlighted as you scroll through revisions at lightning speed, so you can see what changes have been made along the way.' ); ?></p>
    55                 <p><?php _e( 'It&#8217;s easy to compare two revisions from any point in time, and to restore a revision and go back to writing. Now you can be confident that no mistake is permanent.' ); ?></p>
    56         </div>
    5855        <div class="feature-section col two-col">
    5956                <div>
    60                         <h4><?php _e( 'Improved Autosaves' ); ?></h4>
    61                         <p><?php _e( 'Never lose a word you&#8217;ve written. Autosaving is now even better; whether your power goes out, your browser crashes, or you lose your internet connection, your content is safe.' ); ?></p>
     57                        <h4><?php _e( 'Sane Search Results' ); ?></h4>
     58                        <p><?php _e( 'When a visitor searches your site they want to find the most relevant content, not the most recent.  We&#8217;ve changed the way we order search results to help them find the content they are looking for.  When the keywords match post titles and not just content, they&#8217;ll be pushed to the top.' ); ?></p>
    6259                </div>
    6360                <div class="last-feature">
    64                         <h4><?php _e( 'Better Post Locking' ); ?></h4>
    65                         <p><?php _e( 'Always know who&#8217;s editing with live updates that appear in the list of posts. And if someone leaves for lunch with a post open, you can take over where they left off.' ); ?></p>
     61                        <h4><?php _e( 'Powerful Password Meter' ); ?></h4>
     62                        <p><?php _e( 'The passwords you use are often the biggest line of defense between your site and those that want to do evil. WordPress now includes a more powerful password meter so you know that when we say your passwords are strong, they are <strong>strong</strong>' ); ?></p>
    6663                </div>
    6764        </div>
    7067<div class="changelog">
    71         <h3><?php _e( 'Support for Audio and Video' ); ?></h3>
    73         <div class="feature-section images-stagger-right">
    74                 <div class="video image-66"><?php
    75                         $sample_video = ( is_ssl() ? 'https://' : 'http://s.' ) . 'wordpress.org/images/core/3.6/sample-video';
    76                         $args = array(
    77                                 'mp4' => "$sample_video.mp4",
    78                                 'ogv' => "$sample_video.ogv",
    79                                 'width' => 625,
    80                                 'height' => 360,
    81                         );
    82                         // Opera 12 (Presto, pre-Chromium) fails to load ogv properly
    83                         // when combined with ME.js. Works fine in Opera 15.
    84                         // Don't serve ogv to Opera 12 to avoid complete brokeness.
    85                         if ( $GLOBALS['is_opera'] )
    86                                 unset( $args['ogv'] );
    87                         // Our current ME.js API is limited to shortcodes in posts.
    88                         echo wp_video_shortcode( $args );
    89                 ?></div>
    90                 <h4><?php _e( 'New Media Player' ); ?></h4>
    91                 <p><?php _e( 'Share your audio and video with the new built-in HTML5 media player. Upload files using the media manager and embed them in your posts.' ); ?></p>
    93                 <h4><?php _e( 'Embed Music from Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud' ); ?></h4>
    94                 <p><?php _e( 'Embed songs and albums from your favorite artists, or playlists you&#8217;ve mixed yourself. It&#8217;s as simple as pasting a URL into a post on its own line.' ); ?></p>
    95                 <p><?php printf( __( '(Love another service? Check out all of the <a href="%s">embeds</a> that WordPress supports.)' ), 'http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds' ); ?></p>
    96         </div>
    97 </div>
    99 <div class="changelog">
    10068        <h3><?php _e( 'Under the Hood' ); ?></h3>
    102         <div class="feature-section col three-col">
     70        <div class="feature-section col two-col">
    10371                <div>
    104                         <h4><?php _e( 'Audio/Video API' ); ?></h4>
    105                         <p><?php _e( 'The new audio/video APIs give developers access to powerful media metadata, like ID3 tags.' ); ?></p>
     72                        <h4><?php _e( 'Improved Core Development Tools' ); ?></h4>
     73                        <p><?php _e( 'WordPress now uses <a href="%1$s">Grunt</a> for build tasks and <a href="%2$s">QUnit</a> for JavaScript Unit Tests' ); ?></p>
    10674                </div>
    107                 <div>
    108                         <h4><?php _e( 'Semantic Markup' ); ?></h4>
    109                         <p><?php _e( 'Themes can now choose improved HTML5 markup for comment forms, search forms, and comment lists.' ); ?></p>
    110                 </div>
    11175                <div class="last-feature">
    112                         <h4><?php _e( 'JavaScript Utilities' ); ?></h4>
    113                         <p><?php _e( 'Handy JavaScript utilities ease common tasks like Ajax requests, templating, and Backbone view management.' ); ?></p>
     76                        <h4><?php _e( 'Multisite: Who&#8217;s on your network?' ); ?></h4>
     77                        <p><?php _e( '<code>wp_get_sites()</code> allows you to easily get an array of all the sites on your network' ); ?></p>
    11478                </div>
    115         </div>
    117         <div class="feature-section col three-col">
    11879                <div>
    119                         <h4><?php _e( 'Shortcode Improvements' ); ?></h4>
    120                         <p><?php _e( 'Search content for shortcodes with <code>has_shortcode()</code> and adjust shortcode attributes with a new filter.' ); ?></p>
     80                        <h4><?php _e( 'New query variables' ); ?></h4>
     81                        <p><?php _e( '<code>author__in</code> and <code>author__not_in</code> increase your options for finding the content you want to display' ); ?></p>
    12182                </div>
    122                 <div>
    123                         <h4><?php _e( 'Revision Control' ); ?></h4>
    124                         <p><?php _e( 'Fine-grained revision controls allow you to keep a different number of revisions for each post type.' ); ?></p>
    125                 </div>
    12683                <div class="last-feature">
    12784                        <h4><?php _e( 'External Libraries' ); ?></h4>
    12885                        <p><?php
    129                                 /* translators: placeholders 2, 3 and 4 are version numbers */
    130                                 printf( __( 'New and updated libraries: <a href="%1$s">MediaElement.js</a>, jQuery %2$s, jQuery UI %3$s, jQuery Migrate, Backbone %4$s.' ), 'http://mediaelementjs.com/', '1.10.2', '1.10.3', '1.0' ); ?></p>
     86                                /* translators: placeholders 2, 3, 4, and 5 are version numbers */
     87                                printf( __( 'New and updated libraries: <a href="%1$s">zxcvbn</a>, TinyMCE %2$s, imgAreaSelect %3$s, Jcrop %4$s, jQuery Form %5$s' ), 'https://github.com/lowe/zxcvbn', '3.5.9', '0.9.10', '0.9.12', '3.37.0' ); ?></p>
    13188                </div>
    13289        </div>