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Docs update

  • src/wp-includes/taxonomy.php

    26072607 * @uses wp_remove_object_terms()
    26082608 *
    26092609 * @param int $object_id The object to relate to.
    2610  * @param array|int|string $terms The slug or id of the term, will replace all existing
    2611  * related terms in this taxonomy.
     2610 * @param array|int|string $terms A single term slug (if the taxonomy is hierarchical), single term id,
     2611 *                                or array of either term slugs or ids. Will replace all existing related
     2612 *                                terms in this taxonomy.
    26122613 * @param array|string $taxonomy The context in which to relate the term to the object.
    26132614 * @param bool $append If false will delete difference of terms.
    26142615 * @return array|WP_Error Affected Term IDs