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Ticket #26967: 26967.2.patch

File 26967.2.patch, 3.2 KB (added by samuelsidler, 10 years ago)

Update all the reds + new text

  • wp-admin/css/dashboard.css

    753753#activity-widget #the-comment-list .unapproved {
    754         background-color: #fefaf7;
     754        background-color: #fef7f1;
    757757#activity-widget #the-comment-list .unapproved:before {
    11321132                font-size: 20px;
    11331133                margin: 0;
    11341134        }
    1135 }
    1136  No newline at end of file
  • wp-admin/css/list-tables.css

    178178#the-comment-list .unapproved th,
    179179#the-comment-list .unapproved td {
    180         background-color: #fefaf7;
     180        background-color: #fef7f1;
    183183#the-comment-list .unapproved th.check-column {
    11241124.plugins .active.update td,
    11251125.plugins .active.update th, + tr.plugin-update-tr .plugin-update {
    1127         background-color: #fefaf7;
     1127        background-color: #fef7f1;
    11301130.plugins .active th.check-column {
  • wp-admin/css/themes.css

    781781/* Theme Updates info */
    782782.theme-overlay .theme-update-message {
    783         background: #fefaf7;
     783        background: #fef7f1;
    784784        border: 1px solid #eee;
    785785        border-left: 4px solid #d54e21;
    786786        -webkit-border-radius: 3px;
  • wp-admin/edit-comments.php

    121121'id'            => 'moderating-comments',
    122122'title'         => __('Moderating Comments'),
    123123'content'       =>
    124                 '<p>' . __( 'A yellow row means the comment is waiting for you to moderate it.' ) . '</p>' .
     124                '<p>' . __( 'A red bar on the left means the comment is waiting for you to moderate it.' ) . '</p>' .
    125125                '<p>' . __( 'In the <strong>Author</strong> column, in addition to the author&#8217;s name, email address, and blog URL, the commenter&#8217;s IP address is shown. Clicking on this link will show you all the comments made from this IP address.' ) . '</p>' .
    126126                '<p>' . __( 'In the <strong>Comment</strong> column, above each comment it says &#8220;Submitted on,&#8221; followed by the date and time the comment was left on your site. Clicking on the date/time link will take you to that comment on your live site. Hovering over any comment gives you options to approve, reply (and approve), quick edit, edit, spam mark, or trash that comment.' ) . '</p>' .
    127127                '<p>' . __( 'In the <strong>In Response To</strong> column, there are three elements. The text is the name of the post that inspired the comment, and links to the post editor for that entry. The View Post link leads to that post on your live site. The small bubble with the number in it shows the number of approved comments that post has received. If the bubble is gray, you have moderated all comments for that post. If it is blue, there are pending comments. Clicking the bubble will filter the comments screen to show only comments on that post.' ) . '</p>' .