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    1212<div class="wrap">
    1313<h2><?php _e('Export'); ?></h2>
    1414<p><?php _e('This will allow you to download an export of your WordPress posts and comments in a XML format.'); ?></p>
    15 <p>We need some more text here. Maybe talking about the export file or how to save it.</p>
     15<p><?php sprintf(_e('After click in the button below, you should see the download manager of your browser (it may take a while if you have lots of posts and comments). If you don\'t see the window after some seconds, please click <a href="%s">here</a>.'), 'export.php?download') ?></p>
     16<p><?php _e('Because there\'s not any standard for export a blog (yet), this export system creates a standard RSS 2.0 file with some extra tags.')?></p>
    1617<form action="" method="get">
    1718<p class="submit"><input type="submit" name="submit" value="<?php _e('Download Export File'); ?> &raquo;" />
    1819<input type="hidden" name="download" value="true" />
    105106include ('admin-footer.php');
    106 ?>
    107  No newline at end of file