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Ticket #30430: testing.txt

File testing.txt, 1.9 KB (added by jamesgol, 6 years ago)

Output of my test code to show efficiency of functionn

1Number of iterations per: 1000000
2Total (string my_data_clone): 0.72886 sec
3Total (string wrapped_test): 0.70197 sec
4Total (string unserser): 1.07693 sec
5Total (string shallowcopy): 0.48410 sec
6Total (integer my_data_clone): 0.68992 sec
7Total (integer wrapped_test): 0.67821 sec
8Total (integer unserser): 1.04938 sec
9Total (integer shallowcopy): 0.45611 sec
10Total (float my_data_clone): 0.67948 sec
11Total (float wrapped_test): 0.67516 sec
12Total (float unserser): 2.20965 sec
13Total (float shallowcopy): 0.45694 sec
14Total (stdclass my_data_clone): 0.95304 sec
15Total (stdclass wrapped_test): 0.96554 sec
16Total (stdclass unserser): 3.45872 sec
17Total (stdclass shallowcopy): 0.51954 sec
18old_b4 !== old_after (stdclass) (shallowcopy)
19string(42) "{"test":"the","test2":"the","test3":"the"}"
20string(28) "{"test":"the","test3":"the"}"
21Total (array my_data_clone): 2.61641 sec
22Total (array wrapped_test): 3.18266 sec
23Total (array unserser): 2.51899 sec
24Total (array shallowcopy): 0.68878 sec
25Total (array of obj my_data_clone): 1.98432 sec
26Total (array of obj wrapped_test): 2.51102 sec
27Total (array of obj unserser): 4.19834 sec
28Total (array of obj shallowcopy): 0.62064 sec
29old_b4 !== old_after (array of obj) (shallowcopy)
30string(51) "{"test":{"test":"the","test2":"the","test3":"the"}}"
31string(37) "{"test":{"test":"the","test3":"the"}}"
32Total (array of array of obj my_data_clone): 4.30831 sec
33Total (array of array of obj wrapped_test): 4.65961 sec
34Total (array of array of obj unserser): 7.16645 sec
35Total (array of array of obj shallowcopy): 0.60292 sec
36old_b4 !== old_after (array of array of obj) (shallowcopy)
37string(155) "{"test":{"leveltwo":{"test":"something","test2":"something","test3":"something"},"leveltwoa":{"test":"something","test2":"something","test3":"something"}}}"
38string(135) "{"test":{"leveltwo":{"test":"something","test3":"something"},"leveltwoa":{"test":"something","test2":"something","test3":"something"}}}"