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Patch for changelogs for the Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen themes

  • src/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/CHANGELOG.txt

     1== Twenty Fifteen Theme Changelog ==
     3= 1.1.0 =
     4* April 22, 2015 *
     6* Keep sub-menus open when visiting sub-menu pages. (#30722)
     7* Use better, universal sans-serif fonts for RTL. (#30752)
     8* Remove URLs from reset credits. (#30764)
     9* Move `js` and `no-js` class name functionality out of  header template and into a `wp_head` hook in functions.php file. (#30770
     10* Remove URLs from reset credits. (#30764)
     11* Add styles for multi-site registration forms. (#30776)
     12* Fix missing style for menu in small screens. (#30857)
     13* Remove border on post navigation when post thumbnail is available. (#30918)
     14* Remove unused CSS rules for `wp_page_menu` since those are not used in the theme. (#30957)
     15* Add print section to the table of contents in the stylesheet. (#30993)
     16* Move RSS icon style rule lower to prevent it from being overridden by other social icon rules. (#31129)
     17* Update editor styles to improve image and caption display in small screens. (#31250)
     18* Add ARIA attributes to menu toggle and add documentation for new onResizeARIA function.(#31527)
     19* Use SSL for theme and author URIs. (#31699)
     20* Adjust scroll behavior to include sidebar height in calculation. (#31734)
     21* Add trailing slashes to theme URIs to avoid a redirect. (#31839)
     23= 1.0 =
     24* December 18, 2014 *
     26* Initial Release.
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  • src/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/CHANGELOG.txt

     1== Twenty Fourteen Theme Changelog ==
     3= 1.4 =
     4* April 22, 2015 *
     6* Fix escaping and minor code style issues. (#29127)
     7* Remove URLs from reset credits. (#30764)
     8* Update editor styles to improve image and caption display in small screens. (#31250)
     9* Replace current() with reset(), which is guaranteed to be the first item. (#31259, #31260)
     10* Update CSS rules for `.screen-reader-text` to be consistent with current accessibility guidelines. (#31279)
     11* Make twentyfourteen_post_thumbnail() pluggable and document the feature. (#31374)
     12* Add ARIA attributes to menu toggle and add documentation for new `onResizeARIA` function. (#31527)
     14= 1.3 =
     15* December 18, 2014 *
     17* Remove Genericons as a dependency from loading the main stylesheet and IE-specific stylesheet. (#30532)
     18* Move the "Continue Reading" arrows back inside the translatable strings so they can be localised. (#30641)
     19* Replace ellipses appended to automatically generated excerpts with both ellipses and a "Continue Reading" link to meet accessibility-ready requirements. (#30176)
     20* Add aria-hidden attribute to reduce verbosity on archive pages. (#30144)
     21* Add alt text in archives to avoid confusing link texts. (#30144)
     22* Update table styles in editor CSS file for new TinyMCE class names. (#28703)
     23* Fix keyboard focus on Appearance > Header view. (#29787)
     24* Make featured content in Customizer contextual to the front page. (#29578)
     25* Change instances of "Theme Customizer" to just "Customizer", as the Customizer isn't necessarily theme-specific. (#29947)
     26* Add an alt attribute with the site title for header images linked to the home page. (#15926)
     27* Move custom description for background color and image from sections to controls in the customizer. (#29490)
     28* Use HTTPS URLs for core.trac.wordpress.org. (#27115)
     29* Include Latin Extended font subset for Lato. (#29690)
     30* Prevent the arrow in "Continue reading" links from wrapping to a second line. (#27908)
     31* Use correct check for the front page in Featured_Content::pre_get_posts(). (#29550)
     33= 1.2 =
     34* September 4, 2014 *
     36* Remove unused variable. (#28928)
     37* Optimize featured content lookup to reduce the number of queries for featured posts. (#26744)
     38* Improve styles for media "play" button. (#26469)
     39* RTL display adjustment for Custom Header. (#28670)
     40* Fix a display issue in screen sizes over 846 pixels where a post's featured image covers the post meta of the post above. (#28649)
     41* Fix header display on multisite signup and activate views. (#28573)
     42* More graceful handling of super-long site titles in small screens: add an ellipsis and adjust `max-width` more carefully. (#28237)
     43* Fix display of center-aligned images with captions in TinyMCE. (#28048)
     44* Fix masthead behavior in IE when a custom header image is present. (#27220)
     45* Adjust spacing for menu toggle button to avoid overflowing accented characters. (#27456)
     46* Fix menu toggle display on older Android devices. (#27456)
     47* First pass at better Audio/Video player styling with genericons. (#26469)
     48* Update to Genericons 3.0.3. (#28456)
     49* Apply `max-width` values to avoid site title breaking the layout in small screens. (#28237)
     50* Fix playlist track color in content sidebar. (#28457)
     51* Apply .widget input and textarea styles only if they are inside .widget-area. (#27677)
     52* Add documentation for global variables used in twentyfourteen_wp_title(). (#28421)
     53* Change hardcoded pagination base to use the WordPress Rewrite object's `pagination_base` value instead. Document global variable usage properly. (#28405)
     54* Adjust spacing for site description (tagline) to avoid cutting off accented characters. (#28397)
     55* Avoid passing an empty string to document.getElementById(). (#28340)
     56* Bail early from Featured_Content::hide_featured_term() if term objects are unavailable. (#28072)
     57* Correct escaping for parent post link and attachment link in image template. (#28251)
     59= 1.1 =
     60* May 8, 2014 *
     62* Use correct logic in IE conditional comments in header template. (#28151)
     63* Prevent  Page %s from being added to page title on 404 error pages in bundled themes. (#16468)
     64* Avoid a PHP notice in Ephemera widget. (#28055)
     65* Style to support the new HTML5 line-break-less galleries. (#27637)
     66* Implement HTML5 markup for galleries. (#27502)
     67* Fix typo in contextual help. (#27493)
     68* Improved gallery styles in visual editor. (#27462)
     69* Add Audio, Video, and Gallery Styles to editor styles. (#27462)
     70* Load Masonry after window load event to give more time for widget content to load before drawing the layout. (#27051)
     71* Revert r27623 post_class filter removal since it will visually break pre-WP 3.9 installs. (#18804)
     72* Remove `post_class` filter for has-post-thumbnail now that it's added in core for every theme. (#18804)
     73* Remove doc block comments for @return void. (#27098)
     74* Make small-screen menu accessible to keyboard commands and voice-driven software by using a focusable `button` element rather than `h1` for the toggle element.(#27147)
     75* Improve i18n in Ephemera widget for better translation of plurals for post format archives. (#27069)
     76* Make sure we only hide post content on small screens for default post types: post and page. (#27031)
     77* Merge two similar strings in Customizer featured content help text. (#26647)
     78* Add a .button class. (#27075)
     79* Add context and a missing period to widget descriptions. (#26668)
     80* Don't add the `has-post-thumbnail` class or print the featured image when viewing an attachment. (#27243)
     81* Update the HTML5 Shiv across the default themes to 3.7.0. (#26491)
     82* Fix Ephemera Widget to avoid showing full post content when displayed in single post or page. Restore the global `$more` to its original value after the widget output to avoid any issues caused by changing a global variable. (#26961)
     83* Translate `featured` tag slug used to link to specific tags in Posts editor. (#26526)
     84* Fix unreachable links when the content area is shorter than the sidebar in smaller viewpoints. (#26782)
     85* Delete the `featured_content_ids` transient on theme switch to make sure child themes can override the Featured Content quantity value. Also remove quantity parameter so child themes can change the amount of featured posts with `$max_posts`. (#26660)
     86* Make sure `featured` tag is hidden on front-end views as expected. Add a check for the tag name in case we're using default values and the default ID of `0` does not match the term id of the `featured` tag. (#26732)
     87* Fix gap above static pages. (#26694)
     88* Use the 'display' filter for get_bloginfo( 'name' ) attached to the wp_title filter. (#26811)
     90= 1.0 =
     91* December 12, 2013 *
     93* Initial release.
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