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Ticket #34960: 34960.2.patch

File 34960.2.patch, 750 bytes (added by SergeyBiryukov, 5 years ago)
  • src/wp-includes/load.php

    257257 * Set PHP error reporting based on WordPress debug settings.
    258258 *
    259259 * Uses three constants: `WP_DEBUG`, `WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY`, and `WP_DEBUG_LOG`.
    260  * All three can be defined in wp-config.php, and by default are set to false.
     260 * All three can be defined in wp-config.php. By default, `WP_DEBUG` and
     261 * `WP_DEBUG_LOG` are set to false, and `WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY` is set to true.
    261262 *
    262263 * When `WP_DEBUG` is true, all PHP notices are reported. WordPress will also
    263264 * display internal notices: when a deprecated WordPress function, function