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Ticket #34981: 34981.3.diff

File 34981.3.diff, 959 bytes (added by azaozz, 4 years ago)
  • src/wp-includes/media.php

    31393139                ) );
    31403140                unset( $possible_sizes['full'] );
     3142                // The "thumbnail" size should always be set as it is used in the media modal and the media library
     3143                // to display the image thumbnails. If it is removed, they will end up using whatever size is available.
     3144                // For example they will load the full size images (which are far too large) if only they are available.
     3145                $possible_sizes = array_merge( array( 'thumbnail' => __('Thumbnail') ), $possible_sizes );
    31423147                // Loop through all potential sizes that may be chosen. Try to do this with some efficiency.
    31433148                // First: run the image_downsize filter. If it returns something, we can use its data.
    31443149                // If the filter does not return something, then image_downsize() is just an expensive