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Ticket #36595: 36597.patch

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Patch after removing inline variables doc

  • wp-includes/post.php

    29972997 *                                         Default empty.
    29982998 *     @type string $pinged                Space or carriage return-separated list of URLs that have
    29992999 *                                         been pinged. Default empty.
    3000  *     @type string $post_modified         The date when the post was last modified. Default is
    3001  *                                         the current time.
    3002  *     @type string $post_modified_gmt     The date when the post was last modified in the GMT
    3003  *                                         timezone. Default is the current time.
    30043000 *     @type int    $post_parent           Set this for the post it belongs to, if any. Default 0.
    30053001 *     @type int    $menu_order            The order the post should be displayed in. Default 0.
    30063002 *     @type string $post_mime_type        The mime type of the post. Default empty.