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Ticket #36601: 36601.diff

File 36601.diff, 850 bytes (added by Latz, 4 years ago)
  • wp-includes/post.php

    29862986 *     @type string $post_excerpt          The post excerpt. Default empty.
    29872987 *     @type string $post_status           The post status. Default 'draft'.
    29882988 *     @type string $post_type             The post type. Default 'post'.
     2989 *     @type array  $post_category         Array of category IDs. Default is ID of default category.
    29892990 *     @type string $comment_status        Whether the post can accept comments. Accepts 'open' or 'closed'.
    29902991 *                                         Default is the value of 'default_comment_status' option.
    29912992 *     @type string $ping_status           Whether the post can accept pings. Accepts 'open' or 'closed'.