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Ticket #38212: 38212.diff

File 38212.diff, 986 bytes (added by truongwp, 4 years ago)
  • wp-includes/general-template.php

    31563156 *     @type int    $mid_size           How many numbers to either side of the current pages. Default 2.
    31573157 *     @type bool   $prev_next          Whether to include the previous and next links in the list. Default true.
    31583158 *     @type bool   $prev_text          The previous page text. Default '« Previous'.
    3159  *     @type bool   $next_text          The next page text. Default '« Previous'.
     3159 *     @type bool   $next_text          The next page text. Default 'Next »'.
    31603160 *     @type string $type               Controls format of the returned value. Possible values are 'plain',
    31613161 *                                      'array' and 'list'. Default is 'plain'.
    31623162 *     @type array  $add_args           An array of query args to add. Default false.