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Ticket #38435: wp_insert_post_docs.3.diff

File wp_insert_post_docs.3.diff, 961 bytes (added by nabil_kadimi, 4 years ago)

Corrected patch.

  • wp-includes/post.php

    29472947 *     @type int    $menu_order            The order the post should be displayed in. Default 0.
    29482948 *     @type string $post_mime_type        The mime type of the post. Default empty.
    29492949 *     @type string $guid                  Global Unique ID for referencing the post. Default empty.
    2950  *     @type array  $post_category         Array of category names, slugs, or IDs.
     2950 *     @type array  $post_category         Array of category IDs.
    29512951 *                                         Defaults to value of the 'default_category' option.
    29522952 *     @type array  $tax_input             Array of taxonomy terms keyed by their taxonomy name. Default empty.
    29532953 *     @type array  $meta_input            Array of post meta values keyed by their post meta key. Default empty.