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    1616<p>Welcome. WordPress is a very special project to me. Every developer and contributor adds something unique to the mix, and together we create something beautiful that I&#8217;m proud to be a part of. Thousands of hours have gone into WordPress, and we&#8217;re dedicated to making it better every day. Thank you for making it part of your world.</p>
    1717<p style="text-align: right">&#8212; Matt Mullenweg</p>
    19 <h2>Installation: Famous 5-minute install</h2>
     19<h2>Installation: Famous 5-minute installation</h2>
    2121        <li>Unzip the package in an empty directory and upload everything.</li>
    2222        <li>Open <span class="file"><a href="wp-admin/install.php">wp-admin/install.php</a></span> in your browser. It will take you through the process to set up a <code>wp-config.php</code> file with your database connection details.