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Ticket #43568: 43568.diff

File 43568.diff, 905 bytes (added by Thomas Vitale, 3 years ago)
  • src/wp-activate.php

    diff --git a/src/wp-activate.php b/src/wp-activate.php
    index 5150c299f4..76b12c1c25 100644
    a b get_header( 'wp-activate' ); 
    112112                                        printf(
    113113                                                /* translators: 1: site URL, 2: username, 3: user email, 4: lost password URL */
    114114                                                __( 'Your site at %1$s is active. You may now log in to your site using your chosen username of &#8220;%2$s&#8221;. Please check your email inbox at %3$s for your password and login instructions. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk or spam folder. If you still do not receive an email within an hour, you can <a href="%4$s">reset your password</a>.' ),
    115                                                 sprintf( '<a href="http://%s">%s</a>', $signup->domain ),
     115                                                sprintf( '<a href="http://%s">%s</a>', $signup->domain, $signup->domain ),
    116116                                                $signup->user_login,
    117117                                                $signup->user_email,
    118118                                                wp_lostpassword_url()