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Ticket #44047: patch.diff

File patch.diff, 631 bytes (added by saimonh, 6 years ago)

Hello, I think we just can't simply reload the browser as there are some message to show. Meaning reloading the browser to fix the issue will prevent us to see the success message of what has been deleted or performed. So the best option I could think of is to remove the query args from the url using javascript. I've attached a patch please have a look. Regards

  • wp-admin/includes/user.php

    diff --git a/wp-admin/includes/user.php b/wp-admin/includes/user.php
    index 175908e4e6..fa868d913d 100644
    a b abstract class WP_Privacy_Requests_Table extends WP_List_Table { 
    11831183                                        sprintf( _n( 'Deleted %d request', 'Deleted %d requests', $count ), $count ),
    11841184                                        'updated'
    11851185                                );
    1187                                 // remove query args from the url
    1188                                 echo '<script>window.history.pushState({}, document.title,' . '"' . admin_url( 'tools.php?page=remove_personal_data' ) . '"' . ')</script>';
    11891186                                break;
    11901187                        case 'resend':
    11911188                                foreach ( $request_ids as $request_id ) {