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  • src/wp-content/themes/twentynineteen/contributing.txt

     1=== Contributing to Twenty Nineteen ===
     3= Compiling SCSS =
     4Twenty Nineteen relies on Sass which allows us to more easily share code between multiple stylesheets (style.css, style-editor.css, etc.). To compile Sass files (.scss) use the built-in npm build tool. The build tool will make sure that your compiled CSS code stays in sync and has the correct formatting.
     6Installation instructions
     81. Using a command line interface, go to the “twentynineteen” directory `cd /my-compter/local-wordpress-install/wp-content/themes/twentynineteen`.
     102. Type `npm install` into the command line and press [return], to install all Node.js dependencies.
     123. The dependencies may take a few minutes to download but once it completes, you’re done.
     14Usage instructions
     161. After making a change to a .scss file, run `npm run build` from within the theme directory to build the CSS files with your new changes.
     182. You can also “watch” the theme directory for Sass changes and rebuild the CSS anytime a change occurs by running: `npm run watch`.
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