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Ticket #46261: 46261.patch

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  • src/wp-includes/post.php

    13331333 *                                              to the user will *not* be trashed or deleted. If not set (the default),
    13341334 *                                              posts are trashed if post_type_supports('author'). Otherwise posts
    13351335 *                                              are not trashed or deleted. Default null.
     1336 *     @type array       $template              Array of blockTypes (block name and optional attributes) declaring
     1337 *                                              a blocks template.
    13361338 *     @type bool        $_builtin              FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY! True if this post type is a native or
    13371339 *                                              "built-in" post_type. Default false.
    13381340 *     @type string      $_edit_link            FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY! URL segment to use for edit link of