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Ticket #49181: 00000.diff

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  • src/wp-includes/comment-template.php

    diff --git a/src/wp-includes/comment-template.php b/src/wp-includes/comment-template.php
    index 9d20c6bbd2..bc0318085b 100644
    a b function comment_form_title( $noreplytext = false, $replytext = false, $linktopa 
    19951995 *
    19961996 *     @type object $walker            Instance of a Walker class to list comments. Default null.
    19971997 *     @type int    $max_depth         The maximum comments depth. Default empty.
    1998  *     @type string $style             The style of list ordering. Default 'ul'. Accepts 'ul', 'ol'.
     1998 *     @type string $style             The style of list ordering. Default 'ul'. Accepts 'ul', 'ol' and 'div'.
     1999 *                                     'div' will result in no additional list markup.
    19992000 *     @type string $callback          Callback function to use. Default null.
    20002001 *     @type string $end-callback      Callback function to use at the end. Default null.
    20012002 *     @type string $type              Type of comments to list.