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Ticket #6226: theme-editor-i18n-space.diff

File theme-editor-i18n-space.diff, 627 bytes (added by nbachiyski, 10 years ago)

Trailing spaces in translatable strings tend to be omitted in translations

  • wp-admin/theme-editor.php

    9292<div class="bordertitle">
    9393        <h2 style="border: none; padding-bottom: 0px;"><?php _e('Theme Editor'); ?></h2>
    9494        <form id="themeselector" name="theme" action="theme-editor.php" method="post">
    95                 <strong><?php _e('Select theme to edit: '); ?></strong>
     95                <strong><?php _e('Select theme to edit:'); ?> </strong>
    9696                <select name="theme" id="theme" style="margin: 0; padding: 0;">
    9898        foreach ($themes as $a_theme) {