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Ticket #9345: wp_update_term check for WP Error.diff

File wp_update_term check for WP Error.diff, 660 bytes (added by simonwheatley, 9 years ago)

Code within wp_update_term to check whether the return from get_term is a WP_Error, and return it immediately if it is.

  • Users/simon/Projects/WordPress-Bleeding/site/wordpress/wp-includes/taxonomy.php

    15621562        // First, get all of the original args
    15631563        $term = get_term ($term_id, $taxonomy, ARRAY_A);
     1564        // Check it's not an error, and return the error immediately if it is
     1565        if ( is_wp_error( $term ) ) return $term;
    15651567        // Escape data pulled from DB.
    15661568        $term = add_magic_quotes($term);