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05/14/2010 10:26:07 PM (14 years ago)

register_post_type phpdoc updates. Props michaelh. fixes #13398

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  • trunk/wp-includes/post.php

    r14619 r14648  
    780780 * - menu_position - The position in the menu order the post type should appear. Defaults to the bottom.
    781781 * - menu_icon - The url to the icon to be used for this menu. Defaults to use the posts icon.
    782  * - inherit_type - The post type from which to inherit the edit link and capability type. Defaults to none.
    783782 * - capability_type - The post type to use for checking read, edit, and delete capabilities. Defaults to "post".
    784783 * - capabilities - Array of capabilities for this post type. You can see accepted values in {@link get_post_type_capabilities()}. By default the capability_type is used to construct capabilities.
    788787 * - taxonomies - An array of taxonomy identifiers that will be registered for the post type.  Default is no taxonomies. Taxonomies can be registered later with register_taxonomy() or register_taxonomy_for_object_type().
    789788 * - labels - An array of labels for this post type. You can see accepted values in {@link get_post_type_labels()}. By default post labels are used for non-hierarchical types and page labels for hierarchical ones.
    790  *
     789 * - permalink_epmask - The default rewrite endpoint bitmasks.
     790 * - rewrite - false to prevent rewrite, or array('slug'=>$slug) to customize permastruct; default will use $taxonomy as slug.
     791 * - query_var - false to prevent queries, or string to value of the query var to use for this post type
     792 * - can_export - true allows this post type to be exported.
     793 * - show_in_nav_menus - true makes this post type available for selection in navigation menus.
     794 * - _builtin - true if this post type is a native or "built-in" post_type.  THIS IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY!
     795 * - _edit_link - URL segement to use for edit link of this post type.  Set to 'post.php?post=%d'.  THIS IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY!
     796 *
    791797 * @since 2.9.0
    792798 * @uses $wp_post_types Inserts new post type object into the list
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