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Help for edit.php. see #13467

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    r14843 r14855  
    157157$title = $post_type_object->labels->name;
     159add_contextual_help($current_screen, '<p>' . __('You can customize the display of this screen in a number of ways:') . '</p>' .
     160    '<ul>' .
     161    '<li>' . __('You can hide/display columns based on your needs and decide how many posts to list per screen using the Screen Options tab.') . '</li>' .
     162    '<li>' . __('You can filter the list of posts by post status using the text links in the upper left to show All, Published, Draft, or Trashed posts. The default view is to show all posts.') . '</li>' .
     163    '<li>' . __('You can view posts in a simple title list or with an excerpt. Choose the view you prefer by clicking on the icons at the top of the list on the right.') . '</li>' .
     164    '<li>' . __('You can refine the list to show only posts in a specific category or from a specific month by using the dropdown menus above the posts list. Click the Filter button after making your selection. You also can refine the list by clicking on the post author, category or tag in the posts list.') . '</li>' .
     165    '</ul>' .
     166    '<p>' . __('Hovering over a row in the posts list will display action links that allow you to manage your post. You can perform the following actions:') . '</p>' .
     167    '<ul>' .
     168    '<li>' . __('Edit takes you to the editing screen for that post. You can also reach that screen by clicking on the post title.') . '</li>' .
     169    '<li>' . __('Quick Edit provides inline access to the metadata of your post, allowing you to update post details without leaving this screen.') . '</li>' .
     170    '<li>' . __('Trash removes your post from this list and places it in the trash, from which you can permanently delete it.') . '</li>' .
     171    '<li>' . __('Preview will show you what your draft post will look like if you publish it. View will take you to your live site to view the post. Which link is available depends on your post&#8217;s status.') . '</li>' .
     172    '</ul>' .
     173    '<p>' . __('You can also edit multiple posts at once. Select the posts you want to edit using the checkboxes, select Edit from the Bulk Actions menu and click Apply. You will be able to change the metadata (categories, author, etc.) for all selected posts at once. To remove a post from the grouping, just click the x next to its name in the Bulk Edit area that appears.') . '</p>'
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