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05/25/2010 10:45:18 PM (8 years ago)

Help for links pages. Props jorbin. see #13467

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  • trunk/wp-admin/edit-link-categories.php

    r14139 r14909  
    5151if ( current_user_can('manage_categories') )
    5252    wp_enqueue_script('inline-edit-tax');
     54add_contextual_help($current_screen, '<p>' . __('You can create groups of links by using link categories. Link category names must be unique and link categories are separate from the categories you use for posts.') . '</p>' .
     55    '<p>' . __('You can delete link categories, but that action does not delete the links within the category. Instead, it moves them to the default link category.') . '</p>' .
     56'<p>'. __('For more information:').
     60            <li>'.__( sprintf ('<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', 'http://codex.wordpress.org/Links_Link_Categories_SubPanel', 'Link Categories Documentation') ) .'</li>' .
     61'           <li>'.__( sprintf ('<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', 'http://wordpress.org/support/', 'Support Forums') ) .'</li>' .
     63        '</ul>'
    5466require_once ('admin-header.php');
  • trunk/wp-admin/edit-link-form.php

    r14139 r14909  
    3838do_action('do_meta_boxes', 'link', 'side', $link);
    40 add_contextual_help($current_screen, drag_drop_help());
     40add_contextual_help($current_screen, '<p>' . __('You can add or edit links on this screen by entering information in each of the boxes. Only the link\'s web address and name (the text you want to display on your site as the link) are required fields.') . '</p>' .
     41    '<p>' . __('The boxes for link name, web address, and description have fixed positions, while the others may be repositioned using drag and drop. You can also hide boxes you don\'t use in the Screen Options tab, or minimize boxes by clicking on the title bar of the box.') . '</p>' .
     42    '<p>' . __( sprintf('XFN stands for <a href="%s">XHTML Friends Network</a>, which is optional. WordPress allows the generation of XFN attributes to show how you are related to the authors/owners of site to which you are linking.', 'http://gmpg.org/xfn/'  ) ) . '</p>' .
     43'<p>'. __('For more information:').
     47            <li>'.__( sprintf ('<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', 'http://codex.wordpress.org/Links_Add_New_SubPanel', 'Creating Links Documentation') ) .'</li>' .
     48'           <li>'.__( sprintf ('<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', 'http://wordpress.org/support/', 'Support Forums') ) .'</li>' .
     50        '</ul>'
    4253require_once ('admin-header.php');
  • trunk/wp-admin/link-manager.php

    r14652 r14909  
    4444$title = __('Links');
    4545$this_file = $parent_file = 'link-manager.php';
     47add_contextual_help( $current_screen, '<p>' . __('You can add links here to be displayed on your site, usually using Widgets [link to wp-admin/widgets.php]. By default, links to several sites in WordPress community are included as examples') . '</p>' .
     48        '<p>' . __('Links may be separated into categories; these are different than the categories used on your posts.') . '</p>' .
     49        '<p>' . __('You can customize the display of this screen using he Screen Options tab and/or the dropdown filters above the links table.') . '</p>' .
     50        '<p>' . __('If you delete a link, it will be removed permanently, as Links do not have a Trash function yet. ') . '</p>' .
     51        '<p>' . __('For more information:') . '</p>' .
     52        '<ul>
     53            <li>'.__( sprintf ('<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', 'http://codex.wordpress.org/Links_Edit_SubPanel', 'Link Management Documentation') ) .'</li>' .
     54'           <li>'.__( sprintf ('<a href="%1$s">%2$s</a>', 'http://wordpress.org/support/', 'Support Forums') ) .'</li>' .
     56        '</ul>'
     57    );
    4659include_once ('./admin-header.php');
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