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Help for Appearance screens. Props duck_, jane. see #13467

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  • trunk/wp-admin/widgets.php

    r14581 r14951  
    3636$help = '
    37     <p>' . __('Widgets are added and arranged by simple drag &#8217;n&#8217; drop. If you hover your mouse over the titlebar of a widget, you&#8217;ll see a 4-arrow cursor which indicates that the widget is movable.  Click on the titlebar, hold down the mouse button and drag the widget to a sidebar. As you drag, you&#8217;ll see a dotted box that also moves. This box shows where the widget will go once you drop it.') . '</p>
    38     <p>' . __('To remove a widget from a sidebar, drag it back to Available Widgets or click on the arrow on its titlebar to reveal its settings, and then click Remove.') . '</p>
    39     <p>' . __('To remove a widget from a sidebar <em>and keep its configuration</em>, drag it to Inactive Widgets.') . '</p>
    40     <p>' . __('The Inactive Widgets area stores widgets that are configured but not curently used. If you change themes and the new theme has fewer sidebars than the old, all extra widgets will be stored to Inactive Widgets automatically.') . '</p>
     37    <p>' . __('Widgets are independent sections of content that can be placed into any widgetized area provided by your theme (commonly called sidebars). To populate your sidebars/widget areas with individual widgets, drag and drop the title bars into the desired area. By default, only the first widget area is expanded. To populate additional widget areas, click on their title bars to expand them.') . '</p>
     38    <p>' . __('Available Widgets section contains all the widgets you can choose from. Once you drag a widget into a sidebar, it will open to allow you to configure its settings. When you are happy with the widget settings, click the Save button and the widget will go live on your site. If you click Delete, it will remove the widget.') . '</p>
     39    <p>' . __('If you want to remove the widget but save its setting for possible future use, just drag it into the Inactive Widgets area. You can add them back anytime from there. This is especially helpful when you switch to a theme with less or different widget areas.') . '</p>
     40    <p>' . __('Widgets may be used multiple times. You can give each widget a title, to display on your site, but it&#8217;s not required.') . '</p>
     41    <p>' . __('Enabling Accessibility Mode, via Screen Options, allows you to use Add and Edit buttons instead of using drag and drop.') . '</p>
     43$help .= '<p>' . __('<strong>For more information:</strong>') . '</p>';
     44$help .= '<p>' . sprintf(__('<a href="%s">Widgets Documentation</a>'), '') . '</p>';
     45$help .= '<p>' . sprintf(__('<a href="%s">Support Forums</a>'), '') . '</p>';
    4246add_contextual_help($current_screen, $help);
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