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    2929    '<p>' . __('Checkboxes for media upload buttons set which are shown in the visual editor. If unchecked, a generic upload button is still visible; other media types can still be uploaded if on the allowed file types list.') . '</p>' .
    3030    '<p>' . __('Menu setting enables/disables the plugin menus from appearing for non super admins, so that only super admins, not site admins, have access to activate plugins.') . '</p>' .
    31     '<p>' . __('Super admins can no longer be added on the Options screen. You must now go to the list of existing users on Super Admin > Users and click on Username or the Edit action link below that name. This goes to an Edit User page where you can check a box to grant super admin privileges.') . '</p>' .
    3231    '<p><strong>' . __('For more information:') . '</strong></p>' .
    3332    '<p>' . __('<a href="http://codex.wordpress.org/Network_Admin_Settings_Screen" target="_blank">Documentation on Network Settings</a>') . '</p>' .
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