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09/18/2011 02:25:23 AM (13 years ago)

Update plupload to 1.5b and add "drop area" for drag and drop uploading, see #18206

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  • trunk/wp-includes/js/plupload/changelog.txt

    r18482 r18701  
     1Version 1.5b (2011-09-11)
     2    UI Widget: Fix sortable logic.
     3    UI Widget: Fix bug, when message was displayed simultaneously across all Plupload UI instances on the page.
     4    UI Widget: notify() method is now public - users can throw their own messages into the widget header.
     5    HTML4/HTML5: Revise input[type=file] placement logic to support cursor styling on Geko 2+.
     6    HTML5: Revise Drag'n'Drop detection logic.
     7    HTML5: Make Exif and GPS information available to user, introduce two new events: ExifData and GpsData.
     8    HTML5: Add support for File.prototype.slice() method (mozSlice/webkitSlice) in order to be able to upload files in chunks without preloading.
     9    HTML5: Remove any JPEG headers before restoring them, 'cause user agent (like Chrome), might be inserting it's own.
     10    Flash: Remove a limit on the depth of image header check, since it still fails in some cases and performance gain is negligible.
     11    Flash: Fix regression, when runtime hanged when not images where passed in as images.   
     12    SilverLight: Fix bug, when JSON serializer was failing on null.
     13    SilverLight: Remove cast to integer for chunk boundary, which resulted in a wrong size for last chunks on huge files.
     14    SilverLight: Increase read buffer, add disposal of ImageStream and FileStream, optimize for performance.
     15    Updated build.xml to include language packs in release package under js/ folder.
     16    Gears/BrowserPlus: Add support for * file filter.
     17    BeforeUpload now can cancel upload if required.
     18    Additional MIME types: text/csv, image/photoshop, video/x-ms-wmv, video/avi, video/webm support
     19    Additional language packs: Japanese
     20    Cleaned examples.
    121Version (2011-04-13)
    222    Fixed bug in HTML5 runtime, when was reduced by a factor of 100 after every upload.
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