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02/28/2012 09:24:44 PM (12 years ago)

Introduce WP_Theme, wp_get_themes(), and wp_get_theme() to replace get_themes(), get_theme(), get_theme_data(), current_theme_info(), and others.

  • Getters and Helpers: Introduces a series of methods to allow for easy generation of headers for display, and other theme metadata, including page templates.
  • Screenshots: Handles support for multiple screenshots. (see # Additional screenshots must be PNG and start with screenshot-2.png, and be sequential to be counted. see #19816.
  • Error Handling: Broken themes have a WP_Error object attached to them.
  • Caching: Introduces a wp_cache_themes_persistently filter (also in [20020]) to enable persistent caching of all filesystem and sanitization operations normally handled by WP_Theme (and formerly get_file_data() and get_themes()). Themes are cached individually and across five different cache keys for different data pieces.
  • Compatibility: A WP_Theme object is backwards compatible with a theme's array formerly returned by get_themes() and get_theme(), and an stdClass object formerly returned by current_theme_info().
  • i18n/L10n: Theme headers are now localizable with proper Text Domain and Domain Path headers, like plugins. (Language packs may remove the requirement for headers.) For page templates, see #6007 (not fixed yet, but will be easy now). For headers, fixes #15858.
  • PHP and CSS files: New methods that fetch a list of theme files (for the theme editor) only on demand, rather than only loading them into memory. fixes #11214.

Functions deprecated:

  • get_themes(), get_allowed_themes() and get_broken_themes() -- use wp_get_themes()
  • get_theme() and current_theme_info() -- use wp_get_theme()
  • get_site_allowed_themes() -- use WP_Theme::get_allowed_on_network()
  • wpmu_get_blog_allowedthemes() -- use WP_theme::get_allowed_on_site()

see also [20016], [20018], [20019], [20020], [20021], [20022], [20025], [20026], [20027]. also fixes #19244.

see #20103.

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  • trunk/wp-settings.php

    r20002 r20029  
    113113require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/query.php' );
    114114require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/theme.php' );
     115require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/class-wp-theme.php' );
    115116require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/template.php' );
    116117require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/user.php' );
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