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03/19/2012 05:12:44 PM (6 years ago)

Introduce new registration methods for custom headers and custom backgrounds. Backwards compatible, but old methods will be deprecated. see #20249. see #17242.

Custom header: Use add_theme_support('custom-header', $args) instead of add_custom_image_header(). Deprecates all use of constants.

  • HEADER_TEXTCOLOR is now (string) 'default-text-color'.
  • NO_HEADER_TEXT is nowi ! (bool) 'header-text'.
  • HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH (and _HEIGHT) are now (int) 'width' and 'height'.
  • HEADER_IMAGE is now (string) 'default-image'.
  • The 3.4 arguments 'suggested-width' and 'suggested-height' are now just 'width' and 'height' (they are "suggested" when flex-width and flex-height are set).
  • Callback arguments for add_custom_image_header() can now be passed to add_theme_support().

Custom background: Use add_theme_support('custom-background, $args) instead of add_custom_background(). Deprecates all use of constants.

  • BACKGROUND_COLOR is now (string) 'default-color'.
  • BACKGROUND_IMAGE is now (string) 'default-image'.
  • Callback arguments for add_custom_background() can now be passed to add_theme_support().

Inheritance: add_theme_support() arguments for custom headers and custom backgrounds is a first-one-wins situation. This is not an unusual paradigm for theming as a child theme (which is included first) overrides a parent theme.

  • Once an argument is explicitly set, it cannot be overridden. You must hook in earlier and set it first.
  • Any argument that is not explicitly set before WP is loaded will inherit the default value for that argument.
  • It is therefore possible for a child theme to pass minimal arguments as long as the parent theme specifies others that may be necessary.
  • Allows for a child theme to alter callbacks for <head> and preview (previously, calling add_custom_image_header more than once broke things).
  • The just-in-time bits ensure that arguments fall back to default values, that the values of all constants are considered (such as one defined after an old add_custom_image_header call), and that all constants are defined (so as to be backwards compatible).

get_theme_support(): Introduce new second argument, which headers and backgrounds leverage to return an argument. current_theme_supports() already supported checking the truthiness of the argument.

  • For example, get_theme_support( 'custom-header', 'width' ) will return the width specified during registration.
  • If you had wanted the default image, use get_theme_support( 'custom-header', 'default-image' ) instead of HEADER_IMAGE.

Deprecate remove_custom_image_header(), remove_custom_background(). Use remove_theme_support('custom-header'), 'custom-background'.

Deprecate short-lived custom-header-uploads internal support; this is now (bool) 'uploads' for add_theme_support().

New 3.4 functions renamed or removed: Rename get_current_header_data() to get_custom_header(). Remove get_header_image_width() and _height() in favor of get_custom_header()->width and height.

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  • trunk/wp-admin/custom-background.php

    r19712 r20212  
    5454        $this->admin_header_callback = $admin_header_callback;
    5555        $this->admin_image_div_callback = $admin_image_div_callback;
     57        add_action( 'admin_menu', array( $this, 'init' ) );
    5658    }
    227229<?php endif; ?>
    229 <?php if ( defined( 'BACKGROUND_IMAGE' ) ) : // Show only if a default background image exists ?>
     231<?php if ( get_theme_support( 'custom-background', 'default-image' ) ) : ?>
    230232<tr valign="top">
    231233<th scope="row"><?php _e('Restore Original Image'); ?></th>
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