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    r23340 r20463  
    1 Version 1.5.5 (2013-01-23)
    2     UI Widget: Fix sortable feature, broken in jQuery UI 1.9.
    3     Queue: Replace live() with delegate(), as live() was removed from jQuery 1.9.
    4     HTML5: window.getComputedStyle in Firefox doesn't support dashed rulenames - use zIndex instead of z-index.
    5     HTML5/Flash/Silverlight/Gears: Process JPEGs, if quality parameter is present, whatever the scale factor.
    6     Flash: Survive invalid EXIF tag offsets.
    7     Flash: Allow only letters, digits and underscore in runtime id to avoid script injection.
    8     SilverLight: Prepend ampersand to the query string, for non multipart cases (as in Flash and HTML5).
    9     Add mime types for m2v,3gp,3g2 extensions.
    101Version 1.5.4 (2012-04-12)
    112    Flash: Disable scripting if swf was loaded from another domain.
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