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10/05/2012 04:23:59 AM (12 years ago)

Use the new media modal to insert galleries into TinyMCE and the text editor.


  • Gallery insertion from the new media modal (into TinyMCE, the text editor, etc).
  • Gallery previews in TinyMCE now use the wp.mce.views API.
  • Disables the TinyMCE wpgallery plugin.
  • Gallery previews consist of the first image of the gallery and the appearance of a stack. This will later be fleshed out to include more images/functionality (including editing the gallery, gallery properties, and showing the number of images in the gallery).
  • Multiple galleries can be added to a single post.
  • The gallery MCE view provides a bridge between the wp.shortcode and Attachments representation of a gallery, which allows the existing collection to persist when a gallery is initially created (preventing a request to the server for the query).


  • Renames wp.shortcode.Match to wp.shortcode to better expose the shortcode constructor.
  • The wp.shortcode constructor now accepts an object of options instead of a wp.shortcode.regexp() match.
  • A wp.shortcode instance can be created from a wp.shortcode.regexp() match by calling wp.shortcode.fromMatch( match ).
  • Adds wp.shortcode.string(), which takes a set of shortcode parameters and converts them into a string.* Renames wp.shortcode.prototype.text() to wp.shortcode.prototype.string().
  • Adds an additional capture group to wp.shortcode.regexp() that records whether or not the shortcode has a closing tag. This allows us to improve the accuracy of the syntax used when transforming a shortcode object back into a string.

Media Models

  • Prevents media Query models from observing the central Attachments.all object when query args without corresponding filters are set (otherwise, queries quickly amass false positives).
  • Adds post__in, post__not_in, and post_parent as acceptable JS attachment Query args.
  • Attachments.more() always returns a $.promise object.

see #21390, #21809, #21812, #21815, #21817.

1 edited


  • trunk/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php

    r22117 r22120  
    18031803function wp_ajax_query_attachments() {
    18041804    $query = isset( $_REQUEST['query'] ) ? (array) $_REQUEST['query'] : array();
    1805     $query = array_intersect_key( $query, array_flip( array( 's', 'order', 'orderby', 'posts_per_page', 'paged', 'post_mime_type' ) ) );
     1805    $query = array_intersect_key( $query, array_flip( array(
     1806        's', 'order', 'orderby', 'posts_per_page', 'paged', 'post_mime_type',
     1807        'post_parent', 'post__in', 'post__not_in',
     1808    ) ) );
    18071810    $query['post_type'] = 'attachment';
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