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03/20/2014 01:33:00 PM (10 years ago)

Unifying media controls and supporting playlists in the editor:

  • Support a caption attribute for audio and video shortcodes
  • In|video, rename update to shortcode to allow these models to share the same mixins as subclasses
  • When sending an audio or video shortcode to the editor, create a default caption if the user hasn't entered one. This currently only displays in the editor, not on the front end. Captions aren't tied to a specific attachment here because external sources are supported.
  • In the mixin, in the edit method, read attr instead of data when attempting to parse the encoded shortcode. data does not automatically update when the attribute changes. This was a blessing to debug.
  • Add to support playlist views in TinyMCE
  • Expose WPPlaylistView to global scope and suppress auto-parsing of playlist nodes when in the admin. Allow WPPlaylistView to be passed metadata on creation instead of requiring a JSON blob to be parsed.
  • Remove all of the playlist logic from the wpgallery TinyMCE plugin.
  • In wp_prepare_attachment_for_js() return more data for audio/video so that playlists can have parity in the admin/front end.

See #27320.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/script-loader.php

    r27625 r27640  
    397397    $scripts->add( 'media-views',  "/wp-includes/js/media-views$suffix.js",  array( 'utils', 'media-models', 'wp-plupload', 'jquery-ui-sortable', 'wp-mediaelement' ), false, 1 );
    398398    $scripts->add( 'media-editor', "/wp-includes/js/media-editor$suffix.js", array( 'shortcode', 'media-views' ), false, 1 );
    399     $scripts->add( 'media-audiovideo', "/wp-includes/js/media-audiovideo$suffix.js", array( 'media-editor', 'mce-view' ), false, 1 );
     399    $scripts->add( 'media-audiovideo', "/wp-includes/js/media-audiovideo$suffix.js", array( 'media-editor', 'mce-view', 'wp-playlist' ), false, 1 );
    400400    $scripts->add( 'mce-view', "/wp-includes/js/mce-view$suffix.js", array( 'shortcode', 'media-models' ), false, 1 );
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