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12/10/2015 03:05:34 AM (8 years ago)

Comments: The year is 2003. Permalinks are a new thing and everyone's using Blogger. It's a time when opening a modal window in JavaScript to view a section of a website is not a completely weird thing, although many users get annoyed by it. b2 has recently become WordPress, and with it comes a bunch of functionality that will become stale over the next decade, remnants of simpler times.

Twelve years later, after no fewer than three themes have intentionally implemented popup comments in their functionality, before being abandoned for at least the last six years, we've reached a time where we can put this era behind us. A time when we can remove comment popup functionality from WordPress.

If this breaks the internet, I'll eat my hat.

Fixes #28617

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/canonical.php

    r35770 r35848  
    1818 * one or the other.
    1919 *
    20  * Prevents redirection for feeds, trackbacks, searches, comment popup, and
     20 * Prevents redirection for feeds, trackbacks, searches, and
    2121 * admin URLs. Does not redirect on non-pretty-permalink-supporting IIS 7+,
    2222 * page/post previews, WP admin, Trackbacks, robots.txt, searches, or on POST
    5656    }
    58     if ( is_trackback() || is_search() || is_comments_popup() || is_admin() || is_preview() || is_robots() || ( $is_IIS && !iis7_supports_permalinks() ) ) {
     58    if ( is_trackback() || is_search() || is_admin() || is_preview() || is_robots() || ( $is_IIS && !iis7_supports_permalinks() ) ) {
    5959        return;
    6060    }
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