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02/17/2016 10:57:33 PM (8 years ago)

More performance improvements to metadata lazyloading.

Comment and term meta lazyloading for WP_Query loops, introduced in 4.4,
depended on filter callback methods belonging to WP_Query objects. This meant
storing WP_Query objects in the $wp_filter global (via add_filter()),
requiring that PHP retain the objects in memory, even when the local variables
would typically be expunged during normal garbage collection. In cases where a
large number of WP_Query objects were instantiated on a single pageload,
and/or where the contents of the WP_Query objects were quite large, serious
performance issues could result.

We skirt this problem by moving metadata lazyloading out of WP_Query. The
new WP_Metadata_Lazyloader class acts as a lazyload queue. Query instances
register items whose metadata should be lazyloaded - such as post terms, or
comments - and a WP_Metadata_Lazyloader method will intercept comment and
term meta requests to perform the cache priming. Since WP_Metadata_Lazyloader
instances are far smaller than WP_Query (containing only object IDs), and
clean up after themselves far better than the previous WP_Query methods (bp
only running their callbacks a single time for a given set of queued objects),
the resource use is decreased dramatically.

See [36525] for an earlier step in this direction.

Props lpawlik, stevegrunwell, boonebgorges.
Fixes #35816.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/meta.php

    r36511 r36566  
     855 * Get the metadata lazyloading queue.
     856 *
     857 * @since 4.5.0
     858 *
     859 * @return WP_Metadata_Lazyloader $lazyloader Metadata lazyloader queue.
     860 */
     861function wp_metadata_lazyloader() {
     862    static $wp_metadata_lazyloader;
     864    if ( null === $wp_metadata_lazyloader ) {
     865        $wp_metadata_lazyloader = new WP_Metadata_Lazyloader();
     866    }
     868    return $wp_metadata_lazyloader;
    855872 * Given a meta query, generates SQL clauses to be appended to a main query.
    856873 *
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